Tel Aviv & Haifa

Our Googlers at the Tel Aviv and Haifa offices impact millions of lives daily, making advances machine learning, data mining, and game theory. Renowned products built here include Waze, Google Autocomplete, Insights for Search, and Person Finder. Our marketing teams have built engaging marketing campaigns for global audiences that are vital to the local economy. We’ve also increased access to human cultural heritage by bringing the Dead Sea Scrolls online. In keeping with Israel’s position as “Start-up Nation,” you’ll also find an incubator for innovative, entrepreneurial businesses. In Israel, we're looking to the future—with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

"One thing we do all the time is to encourage our engineers to find new ways to benefit all sorts of world-wide causes."

Yossi Matias, VP Engineering and Head of Israel R&D

"It's about innovation, creativity, taking tremendous risks, understanding how to get to market. That's what Israel does."

Don Dodge, Google Developer Advocate